Bright Eyes

Two Suns: Dream Familiar

Two Suns is a personal project by Jake Davidson and showcases the artists' varied musical influences. From electronic ambient sounds to acoustic favorites, the 10-track compilation pulls out the stops when it comes to providing good music. Gathering influences from different genres and musicians as varied as Nine Inch Nails, Sufjan Stevens, Pink Floyd and Bright Eyes, it's easy to expect a hodge of sound to greet you. Dream Familiar is his latest release. Celebrating diversity and defying genre labels, the album is a beautiful example of what happens when you just create music you love without bothering to think about labels.

Nick Stutsman: Home Now

Some people prefer to have the vocal stylings of a pop-punk tune and the vibe of an acoustic composition; that’s what Nick Stutsman is made of. Not much is known about Nick (or his full name Nicholas), other than his Bandcamp account, which is littered with various EPs he crafted throughout 2011.

Diner House: Selections from the Diner House Family Bands

Not much is offered online about this project except for the fact that it's the first installation in a compilation and features some really beautiful songs from talented artists. Composed of 10 selections from amazing artists, Selections from the Diner House Family Bands, is a tasty sandwich of punk, alternative, folk, and acoustic that offer up a real treat. It offers music from bands such as Wood Spider, Whale, Whale, Whale, Michael Ditrio, Hyena, and The Rotten Jazz Quartet among many others.

Salvador: Rite of Passage

There's hardly anything about Salvador online but sometimes you don't really need that much information to enjoy the music. Rite of Passage is a one man band headed by Omar Khan. A young acoustic folk pop musician who likes to sing about the quiet things in life. This short record is purely DIY. Omar produced, recorded, wrote the songs and played the instruments, save on percussion which was provided by Raphael Guirguis. The album is a warm, lo-fi acoustic folk record that makes me think of Elliott Smithand a subdued Bright Eyes in certain places. It's perfect for a quiet and relaxing afternoon where all that matters is your thoughts.

Morning Side: Modern Fit

Atlanta based quirky indie rockers, Morning Side brings you this 14 track melodic pop rock compilation. Modern Fit is the latest release from this quartet of Byron Long, Daniel Gelbaum, Will Thigpen and Joe Costanzo. Modern Fit easily fits on the post-emo, melodic pop rock genre with each track resounding in beautiful melodies, eloquent, at times cynical, lyrics and heartfelt vocals.