Two Suns is a personal project by Jake Davidson and showcases the artists’ varied musical influences. From electronic ambient sounds to acoustic favorites, the 10-track compilation pulls out the stops when it comes to providing good music.

Gathering influences from different genres and musicians as varied as Nine Inch Nails, Sufjan Stevens, Pink Floyd and Bright Eyes, it’s easy to expect a hodge of sound to greet you.

Dream Familiar is his latest release. Celebrating diversity and defying genre labels, the album is a beautiful example of what happens when you just create music you love without bothering to think about labels.

One of the most enchanting free albums I’ve come across as of late, Dream Familiar is a gorgeous compilation that deserves a listen. Whether you like alternative, acoustic pop rock, ambient, electronica or anything in between, there’s a chance you’ll find those elements in here. Of course some are more prominent than the others.

Songs like Not The End and Eyes to Hope, exude an industrial, electronica and ambient R&B vibe. The first one is darker in mood and atmosphere while the latter is more reflective, even romantic in an unusual way. Meanwhile, Nostalgic and Feelin’ Today, is a beautiful acoustic single that calls to mind the melancholia of Elliott Smith.

The best part about this record is that you hardly know what to expect. One minute you’re listening to a folkish acoustic track, then the next you’re bombarded with a set of ambient, electronics sounds. It’s a nice little escape though if you ask me. If you like to be surprised and engaged while discovering new music, this one should be a perfect download. Take a listen and see if you like it.

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