Not much is offered online about this project except for the fact that it’s the first installation in a compilation and features some really beautiful songs from talented artists.

Composed of 10 tracks from various amazing musicians, Selections from the Diner House Family Bands, is a tasty sandwich of punk, alternative, folk, and acoustic that offer up a real treat.

It offers music from bands such as Wood Spider, Whale, Whale, Whale, Michael Ditrio, Hyena, and The Rotten Jazz Quartet among many others.

Starting with the Bright Eyes sounding opening single, Tiger Death 3; Whale, Whale, Whale makes a good impression from the get-go. The listener is escorted into a world of acoustic guitars, moody, sometimes dark drumming as well as unusual vocals. The song is both soothing and haunting at the same time. It’s a bit short but it’s enough to stir up intrigue about the band.

Meanwhile, Wood Spider is a lofi-freak folk English band that could give Gogol Bordello a run for his money. In their Facebook page, they describe themselves as creating music that “the monster under your bed listens to when he’s drunk and alone.” Lonesome Shore is a great track to keep you company if you feel like philosophizing in your inebriated state.

Other songs worth noting include the blue grass/jazz inspired cut, Stones, from New York natives, The Rotten Jazz Quartet. One of my favorite cuts from the record. There’s also the odd lo-fi cut from Abraxas that’ll appeal to your eclectic side.

All in all, the album is a worthy download. You’ll find plenty of great bands to love and songs you can add as a staple to your playlist. Check it out.

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