Dazie Mae “Velvet Dress & Stockings” – jazz & blues the cabaret style

Dazie Mae plays a form of ragtime jazz and blues mixed up in a French cabaret environment. Their full length album titled Velvet Dress and Stockings has a sexy and smoky feel spearheaded by the sultry lead vocalist Jeanne Jattiot. She reminds me of a jazzy version of Marianne Faithfull. The instrumental backing is almost perfect with snappy keyboards by Mathias Daval, guitars by Tom Lameche and bass by Serge Dejazz.

Amanda Palmer: Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is a performer most recognized for being a lead singer, pianist & a songwirter of a cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. Released in September 2008, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" is her first solo album. It was produced mainly in Nashville, TN by Ben Folds under the umbrella of Roadrunner Records (which is also the record label for The Dresden Dolls). The title of the album refers to the famous TV series "Twin Peaks" which revolves about the murder of a teenage girl named Laura Palmer.