Dazie Mae plays a form of ragtime jazz and blues mixed up in a French cabaret environment. Their full length album titled Velvet Dress and Stockings has a sexy and smoky feel spearheaded by the sultry lead vocalist Jeanne Jattiot.

She reminds me of a jazzy version of Marianne Faithfull. The instrumental backing is almost perfect with snappy keyboards by Mathias Daval, guitars by Tom Lameche and bass by Serge Dejazz.


Lameche’s guitar work is especially good and very different than the jazz fusion albums under his own name. While all the tracks are good, I especially enjoyed “Drink Beer (Till The Day That I Die)” and the Boss Nova influenced “Sofa”. This is a mellow and tasty debut album.

The album is available from Jamendo in 128kbps MP3. There is also a self-titled demo EP available that duplicates many of the songs from the full length album.

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