Compilation album

Plan X From The Eastern Dark (Compilation) – A Bittersweet Taste of Japanese Underground Rock

Underground Japanese Rock that makes you wish you were turning Japanese... I really think so... Although it might not be everybody's cup of tea, Japanese rock, punk and rock never got any better. Plan X From The Eastern Dark is a compilation album that showcases some of the best underground deathrock, punk and rockabilly acts waving their banner all the way from the land of the rising sun. If you've never tried your hand at anything else Japanese apart from sushi, then take a stab at listening to this one. You might not get most of what they're saying, but it's a good listen especially if you're into the genre.

“Greatest It” – a free ‘Best Of’ compilation from six great netlabels

"Greatest It" is a brilliant collaborative output of six cool netlabels who decided to work together to dish out a compilation that celebrates free music with each label's crowd of fans. Agreeing that by working together, they can gather up their audiences and introduce themselves to a bigger virtual crowd in the process, the six netlabels came up with 18 chill out, funky rock tracks to showcase some of the best free music ever released for free online.