“Greatest It” is a brilliant collaborative output of six cool netlabels who decided to work together to dish out a compilation that celebrates free music with each label’s crowd of fans.

Agreeing that by working together, they can gather up their audiences and introduce themselves to a bigger virtual crowd in the process, the six netlabels came up with 18 chill out, funky rock tracks to showcase some of the best free music ever released for free online.

The netlabels we should be thankful to are: Up It Up, Ego Twister, Peppermill, Proot, Cock Rock Disco, and WM Recordings.

Captain Ahab’s “Feel Anymore,” Happy Elf’s “Another Day,” and Dev/Null’s “Zombie sunset” are my personal favorites in the album.

Another Day has that easy morning vibe to it that kind of invites some sort of good energy into the day.

Feel Anymore starts off with digitized vocals that seem to be coming from outer space and the beats reflect the confusion that is the dominant theme of the song. The words are not exactly bitter or angsty, just really confused. And it’s the perfect theme for those days when there is just so much chaos inside you, and you want to do something about it but you’re too tired to make a big deal out of things.

Zombie’s Sunset begins with a familiar beat of the drums, and then it gives off a seemingly out of tune beat, as if trying to find the right melody to bring in to the song. After a while, it gets really noisy and you realize you’re listening to the sound in your head when you’re getting ready to start something big. It is the sound of chaos before the calm.

“Greatest It” is a positive proof that we have not yet seen or downloaded the best free music from the Internet. More is about to come our way and we should hope that these netlabel deities continue to work together every now and then to bring us the best stuff that is not too easy to find if your spare time is only a couple of minutes a day.


Label : Ego Twister

01 – Vernon Lenoir – “Crane stance in the stench of gore”
Extract from : “Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas” free mp3 album
Ref : twe001

03 – Silencide – “Sirba”
Extract from : “Movie Ruiners” free mp3 compilation
Ref : twe007

03 – Amnésie – “Lapin numéro un”
Extract from : “Ego Twister Party Ruiners vol.2” CD compilation
Ref : etw008

Label : UpItUp

04 – Roglok – “:P”
Extract from : “Out of disorder” free mp3 album
Ref : upfree25

05 – Tracky Birthday feat Dragan – “Websiiite”
Extract from : “Animal audition” free mp3 album
Ref : upfree26

06 – Candlestickmaker – Unclog
Extract from : “A life in a day” free mp3 album
Ref : upfree29

Label : WM recordings

07 – Happy Elf – “Another day”
Extract from : “Sexmachine” free mp3 ep
Ref : WM096

08 – The Rabbits – “Quick Make It Stop”
Extract from : “That cave of love part 1” free mp3 album
Ref : WM083

09 – Manuele Atzeni – “Crezima”
Extract from : “The Miyazaki Tour EP” free mp3 ep
Ref : 095

Label : Proot Records

10 – Okapi – “Mammal interpreter (ituri-mix)”
Extract from : “New remixes of Vernon Lenoir” free mp3 album
Ref : PRT007

11 – Thiaz Itch – “The Gardener’s Lament master”
Extract from : “Et binjoum!” vinyl LP and free mp3 album
Ref : PRTLP001 & PRT005

12 – Katapulto – Striptease
Extract from : “Bodyhammer” free mp3 album
Ref : PRT006

Label : Cock Rock Disco

13 – DJ Donna Summer – “Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre Remix)”
Extract from : “Rock rock rock remixes” free mp3 compilation

14 – Captain Ahab – “Feel Anymore”
Extract from : “Monsters of Cock Rock” free mp3 compilation

15 – Dev/Null – “zombie sunset”
Extract from : “Necrobestial sadobreaks” free mp3 album

Label : Peppermill records

16 – Bakers at Dawn – “Undefined”
Extract from : “You must hide your love forever” free mp3 album
Ref : PM013

17 – Rafter – “Long Ago A Rodent As Big As A Bull Lurked In South America”
Extract from : “52 weeks – fall” free mp3 compilation
Ref : PM008

18 – Le Rok – “Le Rokford Files”
Extract from : “The box” free mp3 compilation
Ref : PM010

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