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MMORPG fans have something to look forward to with Ryzom aka The Saga of Ryzom. This game comes directly from the sci-fi genre and offers a gameplay which some MMORPG out there can just dream off. It was originally Developed by Nevrx, but currently the games Developer and Publisher is Winch Gate Property, Ltd. Gameplay is far from easy, and offers a host of features that impacts the entire gameplay in the long run. Graphics are at its best with highly-detailed environments, characters, nemesis, and the likes.

Lohmé: I Love Disco Disco

Lohmé's I Love Disco Disco, is a cool pop rock French affair. When it comes to international bands, my gauge has always been; if it's sung in a language that I don't understand and it still sounds great, then it's worth listening to. I Love Disco Disco is the first full length record from the artist and it comes equipped with 11 tracks that surprisingly are more pop rock than disco. All of the songs are sung in French with the occasional English phrases. All of the songs are upbeat and easy to listen or head bob to, pretty cool French band to watch out for. Grab their album by clicking Download Album.