MMORPG fans have certainly something to look forward to with Ryzom aka The Saga of Ryzom. This game comes directly from the sci-fi genre and offers an experience which some gamers out there can just dream of. It was originally developed by Nevrx, but currently the game’s developer and publisher is Winch Gate Property, Ltd.

Gameplay is far from easy, and offers a host of features that impacts the entire story in the long run. Graphics are at its best with highly-detailed environments, characters, nemesis, and the likes.

Adding a load to the realistic touch is the very well thought weather and season changes. Seasons include winter, spring, fall and summer, while weather effects include winds, rain and snow. Ryzom enthusiasts will also find the “Sandbox” gameplay more than just helpful, as it offers the player the freedom to, without any restrictions, roam and discover the environment he/she is put into. A fitting farewell to the olden style of being stuck in an environment and follow a predefined path.

Coming to the game now – players are located on a planet called Atys in the year 2525, which is far from the conventional planet you might be thinking about. Its not a circular object, but a tree that can support multiple ecosystems and atmosphere with a plethora of networked branches and roots. Behavior is very realistic and it largely depends on the character class they belong to.

The Saga of Ryzom features four humanoid races, jointly called “Homins”. They include Matis, Tryker, Zorai, and Fyros. Each of these classes have special abilities, strength levels, adaptability factor, special moves, etc. There are two additional classes that interact with the four mentioned above, but share a cold-war with each other. They are magical Kami and Technological Karavan. Its like a Science vs Mythology situation (at least that is what the names tell us).

The newer release offers the players the chance to unlock character abilities until level 125. This was locked in the previous releases. Gamers just need to sign-up for a Ryzom account and get their free trial account, though limitations are a thing of the past now.

Users can download The Saga of Ryzom as a direct media download, BitTorrent, or as a physical DVD or CD package.

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