Lohm√©’s I Love Disco Disco is a cool pop rock French affair. When it comes to international bands, my gauge has always been: if it’s sung in a language that I don’t understand and it still sounds great, then it’s worth listening to.

I Love Disco Disco is the first full length record from this group and it comes equipped with 11 tracks that surprisingly are more pop rock than disco. All of the songs are sung in French with the occasional English phrases. Each track is upbeat and easy to listen or head bob to – definitely a pretty cool French band to watch out for.

The record opens with the alternative pop cut, Cendrillion. There’s a hint of new wave in this track but not really enough to classify the crew as a hipster band. The tempo is slightly upbeat but alternates into a mid-fast beat every now and then. Vocal work is interesting, though it’s not really as melodic as I want it to be. Nevertheless, it works good.

Meanwhile, title track, I Love Disco Disco, is a good representative of the album. There’s a signature style to the group’s sound and its a combination of alt pop rock with a touch of hipster. It’s not exactly dance music in the strictest sense but there’s no doubt it serves equally well for body moving anytime you feel like it.

Overall, for a first album, the record is pretty good. There are several tracks worth checking out and incorporating in your playlist. Give a listen.

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