Cut & Paste

Dumbfounded: Love Everyday EP

Dumbfoundead is back with Love Everyday, a heartwarming EP that provides year-round hiphop entertainment. After his collaboration with DJ Zo on Cut + Paste, Brian Lee a.k.a. Dumbfoundead graces us with seven tracks that mixes love with alternative hiphop. Released in time for the heartís month, the EP opens up with For You. The Los Angeles-based musician tells us his personal story of young love with steady beats and a funky rhythm.

DJ Zo & Dumbfoundead: Cut + Paste

Quench that hip hop thirst with DJ Zo & Dumbfoundeadís latest musical project Cut + Paste. Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Zo or Zo Manno and Brian Lee, better known as Dumbfoundead, offer six tracks of undenialble good music. Released last December 10 2010, this free mixtape shows the duoís capability to take hip hop to a higher level. Opening track Zoniní ignites the senses with a blend of free-style rapping and danceable beats. This strictly hip-hop piece features the right dose of rhytm thatís not too fast or slow.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste isn't your typical sidescroller game. This cute and engaging game was actually a finalist in IGF China 2010. The game features unconventional gameplay, where players will need to cut and paste objects in order to complete puzzles and obstacles. In the game, you can use a handrawn character to move from left to right. The entire game is like a big flipbook and your character can jump from one page to the next. You can also go back several pages if you need to. As you go through the pages, you sometimes encounter pictures that are of a different shade; you can cut these and keep it in your inventory. Easily paste it onto another page that requires the item that you obtained. Definitely a cool game you should try out.