Cut & Paste isn’t your typical sidescroller game. This cute and engaging game was actually a finalist in IGF China 2010. The game features unconventional gameplay, where players will need to cut and paste objects in order to complete puzzles and obstacles.

In the game, you can use a handrawn character to move from left to right. The entire game is like a big flipbook and your character can jump from one page to the next. You can also go back several pages if you need to. As you go through the pages, you sometimes encounter pictures that are of a different shade; you can cut these and keep it in your inventory. Easily paste it onto another page that requires the item that you obtained. Definitely a cool game you should try out. In Cut & Paste, you try and do everything you can to keep your main character away from danger as he heads for the city. As mentioned, the game operates with you going through pages of a flip book and cutting and pasting objects that are in color. You can keep these objects in your inventory and head backwards or forward to pages that might need it.

Thanks to its hand drawn look, the game is quite fun to play. Visually, players will find it amusing to go through the different pages. It’s unconventional gameplay also makes it quite interesting.

Moreover, controls are also simple. Players can cut any object at a simple mouseclick; obtain them from the inventory by pressing “I” and then pasting them. If you press Spacebar, this will stop the time from ticking, buying you some time to go back and look for an object or at least paste them when needed.

Overall, the game is very fun to play. It contains very cool graphics that isn’t boring to look at and the puzzles are quite logical. The only real complaint is that it’s too short. Nevertheless, it is a pretty awesome game to play if you have some time to spare.

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