Quench that hip hop thirst with DJ Zo & Dumbfoundead’s latest musical project Cut + Paste.

Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Zo or Zo Manno and Brian Lee, better known as Dumbfoundead, offer six tracks of undenialble good music. Released last December 10 2010, this free mixtape shows the duo’s capability to take hip hop to a higher level.

Opening track Zonin’ ignites the senses with a blend of free-style rapping and danceable beats. This strictly hip-hop piece features the right dose of rhytm that’s not too fast or slow.

A personal favorite, No Strings Attached is fun, sexy, and soulful. With a distinct experimentation on R&B, the duo offers the listeners to a tasteful musical treat. This Life, on the other hand, is a solid example of what great talent and potent lyriscm are capable of.

Keeping the album fairly fresh throughout, Crushing Limbs features charming melodies that’s too good to be left unheard. I love how its sunny melody creates a stark contrast to the song’s straightforward lines.

Finally, Love Psycle seals the collection with a genuine party vibe. Echoing, ambient vocals gives a steady dose of psychedelic high.

All in all, DJ Zo & Dumfoundead’s Cut+Paste will surely attract new ears as it offers fresh tunes that’s not afraid of innovation. It’s that kind of hip hop that treats both vocals and instruments as centerpieces, working hand in hand to make a flawless masterpiece.

So download, press play, and devour on these musical gems.

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