Deadwall: Bukimi no Tani

The wait is finally over for Deadwall fans as the band’s second release, Bukimi no Tani, is up for grabs. The UK, Leeds group formed in early 2012, where they released their first EP but later disbanded. After regrouping, the four-piece crew returns to the music scene with a fresh set of songs that, as they put it, “treads that well worn line of beauty and brutality.”

Deadwall: Four Songs

Despite having formed just a year ago, Deadwall is already winning great feedback for their sound. They're a UK, Leeds band that formed in early 2011. Their sound is familiar yet distinctive in their own right. The five-piece crew is made up of Thomas Gourley - vocals & guitars, Christopher Duffin - keyboards, Rob Simpson - guitars, Tom McCartney - bass & Guy Raimes - drums & percussion. After generating a string of successful shows, the boys managed to snag a sold out gig at the famed Leeds' 360 Club.