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Death To False Hope Compilation Vol. 4: Get My Ass Back In The Van

Compilation albums are always fun to listen to. They're the best place to hunt down new possible favorite bands in just one place. For punk and rock lovers out there, Death to False Hope Records has given us something to be happy about with their latest compilation. Get My Ass Back in the Van -DTFH Comp Vol. 4 is an album filled with 34 (!) tracks enough to last you through the entire day. The album comes with unique cuts from The Sandwiches, Captain and Red City Radio to name a few.

The City Streets: The Jazz Age

Don't be fooled by the album title, The Jazz Age, it isn't filled with sweet, soulful jazz music. Instead, what you'll get is a melancholic (sometimes energetic) compilation of alternative pop rock. The album is actually an open book of sorts for member, Rick Reid, as the album chronicles and narrates some of the worst times that has happened in his life. This is the third self-released album from the trio. Released under Clamour Records, it is laced with a beautiful story line about a love affair that didn't pan out and the hurt, frustration, anger and various emotions that come crashing in afterward.