Duran Duran

Interface: The Morning Light Project

Interface is the second EP from Italian crew, The Morning Light Project. The album is a great mix of retro 80s synth rock that bring to mind artists like, The Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran. The band first formed back in 2008 and since then have churned out several releases through their Jamendo and BandCamp. Made up of Francesco Algeri, Angelo Cincotta and Augusto Ielo, the trio weave together a mix of danceable electronic ambient beats that became their ticket for gaining followers when they first started out. Their sound is charming and there's a lovely retro feel to it that makes you think of the good old heydays of 80s synth rock.

Infant Color: Infant Color EP

This self titled debut EP from Infant Color reverberates with an 80s sound accompanied with tons of electronica and pop. The EP was originally released under Beat is Murder's free music section. Infant Color EP gathers together six tracks that would transport you back in time, to when Morrissey was big and Duran Duran was among your top favorite bands. Although it's not all 80s nostalgia, the compilation does echo this sentiment quite a bit. The EP is available for free download under a creative commons licensed. Find it here on Frostclick or head over to Archive.org. Worth checking out if you feel in the mood for some flashback from the past.