ep one

The Easton Ellises: EP One

The Easton Ellises, is a brand new project from musicians Alex and Simon (former Stereomovers). Their latest EP One, released in May of this year under the Enough Records Netlabel, was born straight from the ever growing experience with electronic sounds and an additional touch of pop rock music. Strongly influenced by bands such as The Presets, Kasabian, Phoenix, Cut Copy, Datarock, among others, the band's energetic beats, synths, and some glossy drums will surely keep you close to the speakers, and since the band joined the copyleft movement long ago making their music freely available for download to all of its fans, there is no excuse to turn the volume even louder.

Can’t Stop The Daggers: ep one

Alternative indie rock band that brings to mind Radiohead only less weirder and poppier. Can't Stop the Daggers is a four piece group from Phoenix, Arizona. Their demo, EP one, contains four hypnotic indie alternative tracks filled with swelling synths and melodramatic drums. Capitalizing on their catchy and soothing sound, the group instantly captures their listeners attention. Can't Stop the Daggers is composed of guitarist Chris Chattom, Jon Partelow on vocals, Emily Schalick on bass and Lionel Luchessi on drums and percussion. Ep one is definitely a breakthrough Ep that contains great tracks suited for a quiet "me" time.