The Easton Ellises, is a brand new project from musicians Alex and Simon (former Stereomovers). Their latest EP One, released in May of this year under the Enough Records Netlabel, was born straight from the ever growing experience with electronic sounds and an additional touch of pop rock music. Strongly influenced by bands such as The Presets, Kasabian, Phoenix, Cut Copy, Datarock, among others, the band’s energetic beats, synths, and some glossy drums will surely keep you close to the speakers; and since the band joined the copyleft movement long time ago making their music freely available for download to all of their fans, there is no excuse to turn the volume even louder.

The members of the band have been best friends since their very schooldays. First meeting while Simon was studying music and Alex visual arts, the duo have been creating some of their most unforgettable sounds for over fifteen years while being part of bands playing anything from psychedelic, punk-rock, experimental and progressive house tunes.
In 1999, the two friends created a duet, the Stereomovers, beginning what turned to be a long musical journey. For the five years starting from 2000, they have been a part of Montréal’s electronic scene and taking over the clubs and festivals around North America, Europe, and Asia; and today taking on a name inspired by the American novelist Bret Easton Ellis, the duo is more than ready for a fresh and even more than ever exciting start.

EP-ONE by The Easton Ellises
Alex D: Vox, Guitars, Synths, Programming
Simon Roy: Drums, Keys, Programming, back vox

The Easton Ellises create their music for your living room and for the dance floor. From the “Liquorstore”, my favorite catchy track with the dark – ‘bad day’ – lyrics yet with the energy to conquer it all, all the way to “Endorphin”, the five-track EP brings us the necessary sounds to keep on moving through the day. So be sure to download, listen, and share the experience with your friends.

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