The Specktators: About That Life

After their hit albums Familiar With Floss and The Sunroom, The Specktators graces the FrostClick scene with another sumptuous collection in About That Life. Formed in 2009, The Specktators is a two-man hip hop crew consisting of brothers Matt Duda (Moe-T) and Patrick Duda (Packi). Their music can be described as a blend of hip hop and electronic music with hints of other genres such as r&b, pop, and dance.

Mary Page: All Before the Head of State

New kids on the block Mary Page proves that natural talent is a key player in making it big. Repackaging happy things to sad pop songs, the three-piece band of Mary Page, Turner Stough and Tim McCoy emerged from the budding music scene of Brooklyn, New York. Their latest musical venture All Before the Head of State, is a buzz builder to the groupís undeniable potential.