New kids on the block Mary Page proves that natural talent is a key player in making it big.

Repackaging happy things to sad pop songs, the three-piece band of Mary Page, Turner Stough and Tim McCoy emerged from the budding music scene of Brooklyn, New York. Their latest musical venture All Before the Head of State, is a buzz builder to the groupís undeniable potential.

Maryís deep voice floats over the edgy melody of the album opener Rooftop Dissent. The trackís dark and straightforward aesthetic lays the foundation for the bandís distinct musical palette.

Following song Fever impresses the ears with lighter tunes. Various drum treatments add more texture to the track. Franz & Wine, on the other hand, features charming guitar strokes and hooking rhythms.

Overall, All Before the Head of State is an album for those who appreciate good sound and brilliant experimentation. I love how the tracks become lighter as the set progresses. The albumís cohesion also gives a pleasingly consistent listening experience.

The collection is produced by Jeff Berner at GaluminumFoil Productions and was released last June 2011. Itís available as a pay-what-you-want/free download in bandcamp.

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