fey moth

Fey Moth: White Blind

Fey Moth once again dazzles us in their glamorous and sparkly electro indie pop. In White Blind, the trio from Seattle, Washington serves up five dazzling pieces that do not disappoint their fans. Sparking things up is Alexander, a sharp, raw electro piece that spins a dark and powerful energy. The eccentric vocals jibe well with the piece, as it gives it originality and texture.

Fey Moth: Flesh Foam Bread Bone

This three piece music group hailing from Seattle, Washington have a really eccentric taste for electronic music. In a way it feels like listening to something made for the evenings that end with a good drink or a smoke. What makes their album fun is that there is a supernatural element at work, an x-factor that can incite the most languid sensations and make you break out and dance inside the room.