Fey Moth once again dazzles us in their glamorous and sparkly electro indie pop. In White Blind, the trio from Seattle, Washington serves up five dazzling pieces that do not disappoint their fans.

Sparking things up is Alexander, a sharp, raw electro piece that spins a dark and powerful energy. The eccentric vocals jibe well with the piece, as it gives it originality and texture.

Laced in pleasurable high-key tunes set on solid fuzzed-out beats, Blam can be considered as one of the standout tracks in this collection. The group plays some fun on the electronics department layering it with chanting vocals. This piece is not shy at all. With bold flavors and reverberating melodies, it is a strange and beautiful track that encapsulates curious ears.

In Fox Gloves, Fey Moth adds zing to a well-loved genre with bouncy electro beats. Once again, Julia’s voice resonates and blooms in the ears, giving body and soul to the track. While Peach (Turn On My Brain TV) closes the album in an energetic piece with jumpy electro melodies and tempo-induced arrangement.


White Blind has done something that most artists failed to do—creating a balanced and organic marriage between electro and pop without loosing the musicians’ own unique flair. Fey Moth is a rare gem, especially nowadays where electro pop groups have the tendency to sound alike.

Track List:
1. Alexander
2. Blam
3. Fox Gloves
4. Into Stars
5. Peach (Turn On My Brain TV)

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