This three piece music group hailing from Seattle, Washington have a really eccentric taste for electronic music. In a way it feels like listening to something made for the evenings that end with a good drink or a smoke.

What makes their album fun is that there is a supernatural element at work, an x-factor that can incite the most languid sensations and make you break out and dance inside the room.

In Flesh Foam Bread Bone, each song is distinct, despite the fact that they share a lot of commonalities between each other. Burn The House Down has little spattering of DJ scratching, disco sampling and attractively weird vocals.

Pudding Sky provides a wacky feel to the song through the complex instrumentation and musical arrangements. The inclusion of certain samples at different moments was a nice touch to jazz up the flavor.

Leather and Rhinestone has a simple drum pattern that repeats throughout the song which is not a rare sight for this genre. Rooster Shoes mixes in catchy synth notes and an irresistible voice humming and singing. It then finishes off with Palm of Rubies, maintaining a steady repetitive tune and beat with a few fillers.

Track List:
1. Burn The House Down
2. Flesh Foam Bread Bone
3. Pudding Sky
4. We Are Mostly Water
5. Like Chimpanzees
6. Leather And Rhinestone
7. May Day
8. Skylarks Lucky
9. Demon-Destroyer
10. Rooster Shoes
11. Gelb (Finding Ways)
12. Palm Of Rubies

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