Sostanze Records: Don’t Believe The Hype Pt. 2

Back with a great collection of music in tow, Sostanze Records is releasing their big follow up to their successful compilation album, Don't Believe The Hype. Don't Believe The Hype Pt. 2 contains the same energy and great selection of tracks like its successful predecessor. Sostanze Records is an online netlabel that specializes in giving electro drum and bass/visual artists a chance to share their work. Everything they do is under a Creative Commons license and offered for free download.

Don’t Believe the Hype

It's summer, right? Time when what we all need is that extra flow of energy, when we feel like bringing back all those over the top beach parties, rooftop clubs, and the spontaneous vacations somewhere on the islands. Sostanze Records knows the feeling all too well and so they put together a special compilation of five amazing tracks so you can feel like the party is still going even when you are stuck in your grey corporate cubicle. The compilation, Don't Believe the Hype, brings us some of the best of electro and fidget music out there, so be sure to turn up the volume, but remember, according to Sostanze "this album must be accompanied by a medical authorization."

VV. AA.: Alterazioni

Sostanze Records seem to always deliver when it comes to great electro and techno music, and this time is certainly no different. With beats from some truly amazing DJs, such as Flux, Bebop, Alexis Storm, Digital Brain, and Msl Project, Alterazioni is yet another release that should not go unnoticed. Filled with finger tapping electro sounds, powerful synths, and lots of pure electronic love, the album will surely make you dream about getting right back on the dance floor even if it means turning your living room into the hottest club in town.