Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra: Theater is Evil

The better half of writer, Neil Gaiman; superstar Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra are treating fans and new listeners with their latest effort: Theatre Is Evil. Utilizing the power of crowdfunding, the 15-track epic record is being offered for free download. Yes, that's all FREE! True to Amanda "F**king" Palmer fashion, the album is extravagant, flamboyant, eclectic and epic-ly awesome! You'll either love it or absolutely hate it. This is the third studio album for the singer. It was recorded in Australia with producer, John Congleton, on board.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the more exciting runner / action games for the iOS and Android. With its smooth graphics and simple controls, you'll have no problems picking up the game and having a blast. Created by Kibo, the premise is very simple; run as fast as you can and avoid the cops. It's simple all right and a lot of fun.

Floating Bear: Putting Songs to Bed

Acoustic and sporadic singer, Floating Bear releases his acoustic debut compilation. Putting Songs to Bed is a collection of tracks written between 2009 and 2011. Serving as an introspective demo, the tracks needed a home and was compiled by the singer to create this quiet and moody piece that echoes of gloomy, contemplative mornings in your bedroom flat. Incidentally, much of the tracks were recorded by the singer in his bedroom in London, March 2012.


UberSocial for Twitter has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Twitter apps. This nifty little software from Ubermedia, Inc allows you to create a "favorite users" list. You will never miss a tweet from your friends again. For those who get a lot of tweets, this feature will save time scrolling through hundreds of messages. But the app has many other features. You can mute users or hashtags for a specific period (or permanently). Menus can be customized so only the most used items appear. Facebook users will be glad to know that they can post Tweets there.

Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

Engross in classic romance stories with Jane Austenís perennially popular novel, Pride and Prejudice. Considered as one of the most popular author in English literature, Jane Austenís stories of romantic fiction were widely spread and praised. She also gained historical importance with her realism and strong social commentaries. Pride and Prejudice was first published in 1813. Set in the English countryside at the end of the 18th century, the novel tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet as she skillfully moves her way among issues on manners, morality, education and marriage in a tightly-knit and old-fashioned society.

Radio Fallout: Mondegreen EP

Radio Fallout managed to achieve quite a feat considering they've only been in the industry more or less 5 years. In just two years since they formed in 2008, the group already managed to snag slots, performing in various prominent stages in and around Austin, Texas. The following months saw the trio of, Jonathan Palmer, Dan Walker and Caleb Scates, pursue their careers vigorously. By 2009, they recorded Mondegreen EP, which was self-produced by the boys along with Tim 'Tank' Casterline.

Kidd Seven: Hear Me Out

Brought up from Compton and Pasadena, rapper, Kidd Seven shares his latest mixtape in preparation for his debut album. Hear Me Out was released last April 2012 and comes with 16 tracks. It's a nice compilation for those who love hip hop and need something to pop on their cars as they drive around. Filled with great beats, Hear Me Out contains a nice mix of samples and cool laid back beats coupled with good rap skills, to satisfy any listener.

123D Make

So you just made a cool 3D model, but wouldnít it be great if you could turn that into a real object you can hold? Well, 123D Make by Autodesk allows exactly that. How does it do that? It turns a 3D object into cardboard templates. After printing these templates, you can use these to cut cardboards or foams. Glue them together, paint and your virtual 3D object is literally in your hands. The program is a bit different from other 3D graphics software, but it will only take a while to get used to the interface.

The Astronomer’s Dream (2009)

Mark Sutherland brings another visual spectacle to the screen with The Astronomerís Dream. Written, directed, and animated by the talented Sutherland, this 11-minuter short animation envelopes a fantasy that would take you to the outer space. As the website describes it, the film starts with a hungry astronomer who falls asleep while working on a problem. He then discovers a solution not in outer space, but in the surreal food chain of his subconscious mind.