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Looking for a cool and child friendly game that you or your little one can enjoy? Try downloading Trace. Programmed and designed by Kevin Calderone, the game features more than 6 unique worlds and about 120 levels. Plus, it has an awesome original soundtrack. The game was released in the App Store about two years ago and is still available for free download. Trace is perfect for children ages 4-9 years old but this doesn't mean adults who are kids-at-heart can't go ahead and enjoy this cool game. Enjoy this drawing game by creating platforms and solve the entire level. Revisit the little child inside you and have fun!

Crayon Physics

To really enjoy gaming, you don't really need absolutely awesome 3D graphics. In fact, even a simple crayon drawing can make for a very interesting and addicting game. Crayon Physics is a mind bending puzzle game that will definitely get you hooked and often scratching your head on what to do next. Don't be fooled by the super simple graphics since the game can easily get complicated and difficult in no time. It's a fun game to try out especially if you love a good challenge.