free music EP

The Slizzies: Slizzies Going Steady

The Slizzies came about on a whim. When they first got together, only one of the members had actually played an instrument in their lifetime. Despite this complete handicap, that didn't stop the guys from agreeing to form a band. The succeeding times wasn't easy. From gathering for band practice, to actually learning to play for much of the group and of course, exiting band members; it was certainly a joyride. In the end, the succeeding members actually managed to record a couple of original tracks in true diy fashion. These tracks were recorded from various live performances and rough studio sessions. Hence, don't expect awesome quality but do expect some great punk tracks coming your way.

Captain Stu: Free Music EP

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Captian Stu has been performing throughout the region ever since 2003. The five piece band brings us some of the most upbeat sounds I heard in a while and with the unique and highly addicting blend of ska, funk, punk, and just a touch of a fresh African flavor, their music will surely bring back all the wonderful days of summer that are slowly getting away. So go ahead and get yourself a little bit of sunshine infused beats of the released in August of 2010 Free Music EP. And yes, just as the title suggests it is yours to enjoy entirely free of charge.

Great Skies: Summer Moments EP

Cut records is a fairly new netlabel having just started last January 2011. By fulfilling the need to provide great ambient, post-dub sound from unknown but very talented artists; they're fast becoming recognized for churning out quality EPs left and right. Armed with their fifth release, Cut Music is unleashing their latest ambient electronic EP. This time around it's from Great Skies; a 20-year old London native. Despite having a run time of less than 15 minutes, this four track EP called, Summer Moments, compiles what is essentially a short burst of energy mixed with chill music and synths. One of those compilations you can just leave playing at the background without much thought.