Cut records is a fairly new netlabel having just started last January 2011. By fulfilling the need to provide great ambient, post-dub sound from unknown but very talented artists, they’re fast becoming recognized for churning out quality EPs left and right.

Armed with their fifth release, Cut Music is unleashing their latest ambient electronic EP. This time around it’s from Great Skies; a  20-year old London native. Despite having a run time of less than 15 minutes, this four track EP called Summer Moments, compiles what is essentially a short burst of energy mixed with chill music and synths. One of those compilations you can just leave playing at the background without much thought.

Even if you might not be big on ambient sound, the EP has a subtle but relaxing vibe to it. Opening with the luscious, Like All Good Summer Moments, its twinkling sound, deep bass synths and scattered vocals clearly define the vibe for the mini compilation. Festival, on the other hand, is a relaxing cut that brings to mind fun evening summer parties, laughing and chilling with friends or loved ones. It’s the longest track on the record and makes for a cool meditative piece. The rest of the tracks, Light at the End of the Tunnel and Polaroid, perfectly cap the EP.

Unlike most cookie cutter electronic-ambient compilations, this one stands out and showcases a deeper, more emotional atmosphere. It’s an enchanting compilation that’ll serve as a great soundtrack to your summer.

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