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Lyle in Cube Sector

There is something about retro looking games that make them so much fun to look at. Moreover, if they incorporate a fun and addictive gameplay with it, then you certainly have a winner. Lyle in Cube Sector fits into this category easily. It combines the fun gameplay of Super Mario 2 along with lovable characters and solid storyline. Basically, the bad guy steals your cat and you would do anything to get your precious cat back.


Can't get enough of 2d shoot-em-up games? Hydorah can help you satisfy those cravings, no doubt about it. The look and feel of Hydorah will definitely make you think that you just discovered an old 80s arcade style game but the fact is the game was created by Locomalito several years back and was just released this year. With authentic looking graphics and extra hard gameplay, Hydorah definitely is one bad-ass 2d shoot-em-up game.