There is something about retro looking games that make them so much fun to look at. Moreover, if they incorporate a fun and addictive gameplay with it, then you certainly have a winner. Lyle in Cube Sector fits into this category easily.

It combines the fun gameplay of Super Mario 2 along with lovable characters and solid storyline. Basically, the bad guy steals your cat and you would do anything to get your precious cat back. Anybody who has ever played this game will attest to the fact that despite the cool sound and fun graphics, the biggest asset for the game is its fun gameplay. As mentioned, you will be playing as, Lyle, searching for your missing cat. There are tons of large sectors to explore. Some sectors will be sealed off until you gather enough power or items to help you unlock it but you can always go back to them later on.

The graphics are not exactly spectacular but they are enough to make the game interesting. The color combination works well with the black background, making the colors pop. Throughout the game, Lyle is able to pick up cubes with different powers and abilities. Some cubes can regenerate while others can explode.

Lyle in Cube Sector is one game that you will definitely keep coming back to after you finish it the first time around. You’ll keep wanting to know whether you missed out on items in certain sectors. It’s definitely worth the download.

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