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Can’t get enough of 2d shoot-em-up games? Hydorah can help you satisfy those cravings, no doubt about it. The look and feel of Hydorah will definitely make you think that you just discovered an old 80s arcade style game but the fact is the game was created by Locomalito several years back and was just released this year.

With authentic looking graphics and extra hard gameplay, Hydorah definitely is one bad-ass 2d shoot-em-up game.Yes, the game is almost a downright clone of any great 80s style arcade game; from the colorful graphics to the cheesy dialogue and extra hard boss battles. However, the gameplay does offer tons of neat stuff to do with the game.

You can ride ships that are customizable by adding up items that you gather up as you play. There are also hidden bonuses in certain areas. Of course, bosses and enemies are lurking everywhere so be prepared to take them on (over and over again.) You’ll need to go through over 70 different types of enemies and about 30 bosses before you can clear the game. Moreover, the game is extra challenging, meaning, expect to die, a whole lot! I’m not kidding when I say the game is hard to beat so you have to have a great amount of patience just to clear it.

As if to make up for giving you such a hard time, the game features a really cool soundtrack that is fitting of every scene that comes up. You get this awesome mix or retro and futuristic sounds that make playing the game so much more fun.

So, if you have the patience of the mountain and hate losing to a silly 16 bit boss, then you’ve found your match in Hydorah.

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