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Dominique: The First

If you need some relaxing music for one of those lazy days, you'll enjoy having Dominique in your player. This mini-EP might be a bit short but it showcases enough to show you the artists' jazzy style and gorgeous talent. Despite being fairly new and young, Dominique has managed to release several singles and compilations in this year alone. On her BandCamp page, she's released two EPs and one single. She has The First and Stay Informed as well as the single, The Shadows.

Tsk! by The Gasoline Brothers – New Album from “Lazy” Indie Pop Rockers

Fun and catchy, pop rock beats that give you a good sugar rush. From start to finish, this is one solid indie pop rock album. Okay, I admit, I immediately assumed that The Gasoline Brothers was an American band when I first heard Psychosomatic Heart Failure, but upon closer inspection, I realized that it said Netherlands! My apologies for assuming. Tsk! is one awesome album from start to finish. It's full of fun, pop, upbeat , alternative rock tracks that will get you bobbing at least one part of your body at some point.