If you need some relaxing music for one of those lazy days, you’ll enjoy having Dominique in your player. This mini-EP might be a bit short but it showcases enough to show you the artists’ jazzy style and gorgeous talent.

Despite being fairly new and young, Dominique has managed to release several singles and compilations in this year alone. On her BandCamp page, she’s released two EPs and one single. She has The First and Stay Informed as well as the single, The Shadows.

The First is a collection of 5 tracks that are piano-filled jazz indie pop songs you’d want to cuddle with on a cold evening.

Although some of the tracks might be a little rough around the edges, the imperfections add to the sincerity and intimacy of the songs. Dominique describes herself as a “young teenaged singer/song writer with a individual voice, using recording equipment at home to record my own songs, some piano pieces but the majority vocal pieces.”

Her songs reflect a quiet solitude while showcasing her gorgeous vocals. She reminds me of Adele with her powerful singing chops. Even the jazzy feel of the vocal pieces exude this wonderful vibe. The First is a mix of instrumental, vocals and a-capella tracks rolled into one. Starting with the piano piece, Struggle; the song sets a quiet, melodic and slightly haunting atmosphere to the record. The first single Can’t You See, is a slow indie pop piano track. Dominique’s vocals for this one hints slightly of Amy Winehouse’s¬†on the live versions of Frank. Although it’s not quite there yet and the song is a bit too short, it’s still very enjoyable and relaxing.

Angel Gaze is her other vocal track. The song is a bit more raw, more like a spontaneous cut where the singer just picked up a guitar and decided to start singing out of the blue. The last two songs include, Lessons of Life, which is a bold acapella cut that strips everything bare except for the singer’s vocals and Battle, which is another instrumental piano piece.

Overall, the album might not be as polished as an EP released under a label but you’ll see the talent shining through. Personally, I enjoyed it. It made my rainy afternoons so much more enjoyable.

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