In the mood for some midtempo synthpop with dashes of electronica and a sprinkling of 80s nostalgia? That’s what you get with Blue Electric Eyes from Neon Niteclub . If the name conjures images of dancing under multicolored lights, that gives you a pretty good idea of the contents of the 8 track album. Make no mistake about it though, this isn’t your run of the mill pop album as the artist mixes things up nicely.

The opening track “Undercover” has a smooth uptempo beat that will have you dancing, with a groove reminiscent of a contemporary pop/R&B but with touches of retro. The recurrent theme is longing and desire, and while each track stands on its own, you get a better appreciation for the artist when they’re considered as a whole.

The highlight here is the title track, which showcases Neon Niteclub at his best. The lines “I see her walk in / You come here often? / She took my hand with no demand and now I’m locked in” epitomizes the central theme of sex, desire and intimacy. Right up there with the title track is “Play It Cool”, more of a slow jam that highlights his silky smooth voice. “All Mine” is another superb song that rivals Blue Electric Eyes as the best in the album.

Blue Electric Eyes should appeal to lovers of electropop, synth and up/midtempo music. With this effort, Neon Niteclub proves his versatility and that you can still make retro style synthpop without sounding pedestrian. If you’ve sampled his music before this comes as no surprise, but if you haven’t, your ears are in for a treat.

Favorite Tracks:
Blue Electric Eyes
Play It Cool
All Mine

Track List
1. Undercover 3:42
2. Motion 3:50
3. All Mine 3:59
4. Play It Cool 3:29
5. Blue Electric Eyes 3:21
6. All I Wanna Do 3:57
7. Forever 3:36
8. Somethin’ Good Tonite 3:26

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