J.E.L.L.i “A Jolly J.E.L.L.i Christmas” – holiday music with a twist

It's Christmas once again, and you are now probably hearing Christmas carols everywhere - TV advertisements, in the malls, and even in the streets, perhaps. Tired of the usual and traditional Christmas carols? Try J.E.L.L.i.'s version of the carols that we all know - and you would surely have a smile stuck on your face. With six cuts packed in his Christmas album, A Jolly J.E.L.L.i. Christmas puts a whole new twist to the tunes we've grown up with and learned to love.

J.E.L.L.i. EP – A diverse indie/hardrock EP fused with a playfull twist

Sometimes, you find yourself thinking that most Rock-inspired artists are humorless, noisy, and full of grudge. Well, true, but itís very comforting to find out that there are few artists that may have attached their music to Hard Rock, but still knows how to be playful and witty. J.E.L.L.i. released his self-titled EP last September 9, 2009. This album is packed with 5 tracks that will blow your world. Featured tracks in this EP may be inspired of Rock origins. Licensed under Creative Commons, this EP is one amazing project that can either push or pull your emotions.