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It’s Christmas once again, and you are now probably hearing Christmas carols everywhere – TV advertisements, in the malls, and even in the streets, perhaps. Tired of the usual and traditional Christmas carols?

Try J.E.L.L.i.’s version of the carols that we all know – and you would surely have a smile stuck on your face. With six cuts packed in his Christmas album, A Jolly J.E.L.L.i. Christmas puts a whole new twist to the tunes we’ve grown up with and learned to love.

A Jolly J.E.L.L.i. Christmas was released on the first of December this year although the songs were recorded when this FTC student Christopher Sauter was still in high school back in 2003. And he proves to be one talented young man, too – he recorded these remakes all by himself. All the vocals, the instruments and the arrangements were all done by one man: J.E.L.L.i.


J.E.L.L.i’s name is a controversy on its own too, since Christopher obviously keeps this as a secret from his avid listeners. Oh, and he has a whole page dedicated to it where people can guess what it means.

The album opens up with Linus & Lucy, a jazz piano piece which regularly appeared in the Peanuts television specials. And if you grew up with Charlie Brown and everybody, that melody would really get you going – especially when you hear it in rock.

A really catchy tune in this album is Feliz Navidad. (Hey, since when did Feliz Navidad mean Happy New Year?) Yeah, you would be hearing such remarks right in the tracks itself. And with a really nice remix and feel to that classic Christmas song, it’s almost impossible to ignore this Christmas album.

Do something different this Christmas. Play A Jolly J.E.L.L.i. Christmas and see your Mom go crazy (either in a bad or good way) once they hear these Christmas carols in a whole new way.

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