Lauryn Hill

Elle B: Until the Light of Day

Counting Prince, Lauryn Hill and her classically trained mom as influences; singer/songwriter Elle B, certainly knows how to make gorgeous R&B tinged tracks that'll make you want to listen all night long. Her soulful voice is reminiscent of song sirens of the yesteryears, allowing her to gain a wider audience each time she's performing. Until the Light of Day is her latest release and follows up her successful debut, the Elle B. EP. The record comes with 9 free tracks/demos recorded between 2007 to 2010.

Monarchs: ft. Celeste – a Monarchs Mixtape

Monarchs is a surprising band that people who enjoy hip hop, alternative and soul should take note of. The group is led by the sultry and sexy Southern belle, Celeste Griffin. Currently based in Austin, Texas; the singer has several backing musicians that help complete her crew. Together, they combine to create a powerful and soulful sound complete with catchy beats and samples. Ft. Celeste is their latest record. They've released previous ones too, particularly The Rise and Fall; Those Words, Those Frames and The Oak EP. All of which are up for purchase over at BandCamp.