Ogre Melodies: Ogre Melodies

Don't be fooled by the stripped down and raw sound emanating from your players. It's just Ogre Melodies. Combining an indie, acoustic rock and even a hint of gypsy/weird folk on there, the short compilation injects plenty of fun to the genre.

Joanna Gruesome EP – indie noise goodness with a touch of the 90s

If you're expecting something loud and chaotic from this group, then you're in luck. Joanna Gruesome may not be as "gruesome" as their adopted moniker but they certainly know how to be loud, energetic, sweet and unpredictable. Describing themselves as having a "twee" sound, the group knows how to infuse their oftentimes chaotic ensembles with some beautiful and sweet pop music. This Cardiff crew has a knack for making lofi indie basement rock sound so good. This EP is a few years old since it was released back in 2003, but it still shines like new and fits perfectly with today's music.

Cloud: Elephant Era

There's not much you can find about Cloud online. The thing is, Cloud is actually the artist name for New Yorker, Tyler Taormina. He's an up and coming musician that creates wonderful and enchanting music simply by singing and playing drums & piano simultaneously. This talented, young singer may not be a big name yet, but just by listening to his debut record; he's definitely got something up his sleeve. The compilation is composed of 11 tracks that incorporate indie pop rock and a hint of 80s synth sound. The record easily captures raw emotions and fleeting circumstances. Perfect for quiet moments or times when you just want to take a breather from everything around you. This is a nice album that's worth looking into. Go ahead, take a listen and fall in love with this artists' sound.