She Makes War: Disarm

One of the most interesting indie female pop rock compilations I've heard in a long time, Disarm from She Makes War both enchants and captivates upon first listen. The lady behind this musical project is multi-instrumentalist Laura Kidd. Apart from music, she's dabbled in other interests like film making and photography among others. She also does session work for various musicians including Alex Parks, I Blame Coco and Tricky. This is her debut compilation and it comes with 13 tracks that hover between indie rock, slight grunge and pop.

Joe Jack Wagner: Ghosts Revisited

Joe Jack Wagner is a well known electronic instrumentalist band that's known for their covers. Originally from Victoriaville, Quebec; the band has released several albums and EPs since they first came together back in 1997. Their sound breaks down all bounderies, mixing electronic industrial, french pop, progressive, folk, slacker punk and everything in between. Covering anything they fancy and crossing genres here and there, the band places their own stamp on the music allowing for a new sound to emerge. Ghosts Revisited is Joe Jack Wagner's take on the Nine Inch Nails sixth studio album, Ghosts I-IV. It's an amazing remix that keeps listeners intrigued throughout.