No-Source NetLabel

Wacky Southern Current: In a Realm of Uncertain Summer

Wacky Southern Current is a compilation of 9 tracks that herald a beautiful post rock feel. This time around, the artist returns to No-Source netlabel for releasing their second album, In a Realm of Uncertain Summer. The title is a bit misleading since the tracks are neither wacky nor completely Southern, in fact, it's a set of melodic, acoustic post rock that serves as a the ideal mood setter for your quiet moments. Made up of Marco Cervellin, the Italian instrumentalist manages to balance a range of genres in one relaxing record. This is slightly different from his first release, but it still captures fleeting emotions to a tee.

NetLabel Coalition Volume 1 – Free Compilation Album

NetLabel Coalition Volume 1 is another compilation album that indie music enthusiasts should check out. The NetLabel Coalition (NLC) is composed of netlabels that are promoting and celebrating free music with enthusiasts around the world. They hang out in forums hosted by The Creative UnCommons. This album has some really good tracks for lovers of gutsy electronic music, as well as for those who enjoy quiet ambient sounds for introspection and relaxation.