Rust by No, Really – Acoustic Folk Pop that Leaves You Wanting More

Sweet vocals laced with uncluttered instruments and emotional lyrics. If there's one thing you'll notice about No, Really right off the bat is that the vocals are extremely sweet and easy to listen to. Rust compiles 10 soft, electronic folk songs with mournful melodies and revealing lyrics. It's a brand of folk pop that's easy to love without even trying. No, Really's soft melodies will make you look back to your own heartaches, joys and sadness. All that from a girl from Tennessee with a guitar.

Paris-Chicago by NO [Olivier Nataf] – a Frenchman with a Heart for American Blues

American blues jazz with a French aftertaste. An almost fool-proof formula for creating pop funk music for this French singer includes a "few notes of Blues, a zest of Funk, a tear of Soul." Bizarrely calling himself, NO, French musician Olivier Nataf creates his own brand of blues jazz inspired tracks that are laced with French lyrics. Paris - Chicago compiles 10 tracks that serve as a bridge connecting the American landscapes to that of the French. If you wonder what the blues sounds like with an international flair, NO, would be one act worth checking out.