Sweet vocals laced with uncluttered instruments and emotional lyrics. If there’s one thing you’ll notice about No, Really right off the bat is that the vocals are extremely sweet and easy to listen to.

Rust compiles 10 soft, electronic folk songs with mournful melodies and revealing lyrics. It’s a brand of folk pop that’s easy to love without even trying. No, Really’s soft melodies will make you look back to your own heartaches, joys and sadness. All that from a girl from Tennessee with a guitar.

Hannah Sheehan has a gift to make you fall for her songs and voice without much trouble. By herself, she is known as No, Really. Rust is the first full album from Hannah, after releasing an EP (Thousand Yard Stare) and Acoustic DemoThis compilation contains songs from both her previous releases. With Rust, the songs now contain an essential ingredient that was somewhat lacking in the previous versions – maturity. Her vocals have improved greatly and now contain a wiser edge to it.

Hannah considers artists like Beck, U2, Cat Power, Radiohead and Eisley as among her influences. When listening to her songs, this really shows especially Eisley and Cat Power. The album mixes great vocals, with touching lyrics and a delightful concoction of melodies.

Molten, the first track, is probably one of the best you’ll find in this compilation. You can also easily compare this version from her previous recorded versions since this track appears in all her releases. Floodplain tries to make sense of what happened in New Orleans while Beginning of the End tries to make understand what’s happening. It’s like a personal examination of faith.

No, Really seeks to question or simply understand what’s happening in the world. Just like any person that’s living life everyday, the songs capture moments where you find yourself asking and wondering about why the world is like it is, or why your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend ever broke up with you.

It’s these simple musings coupled with clean vocals and enjoyable melodies that makes Rust an absolute must in your personal playlist.

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