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Ghastly Menace: Pitcairn

Although indie bands are abundant these days, occasionally you'll find a group that deserves all the hype they're getting. Ghastly Menace is one of these groups. Composed of Andrew Schroeder and Christopher Geick (formerly of They Found Me, They Named Me;) the duo set their sights in creating a wonderfully melodic and entertainingly sweet indie pop band. Pitcairn is their first EP. It contains 5 songs that clock in at less than 3 minutes each but filled with some gorgeous and catchy beats that makes you want to leave it on loop for a long time.

London to Tokyo: London to Tokyo EP

Britpop rock music...tagged as an "optimistic Oasis" if you will. London to Tokyo was initially a collaboration between two diversely inspired musicians, pop melodic lover Simon Steadman and Sacramento-based band, Tenfold, drummer Justin Butler. Deciding that their sound simply is not worthy of just having a duo running it, they decided to instill the help of bassist Curtis Roach and lead guitarist Nicholas J Tyler. Together they gave birth to London to Tokyo and have released a self titled EP.