Although indie bands are abundant these days, occasionally you’ll find a group that deserves all the hype they’re getting. Ghastly Menace is one of these groups.

Composed of Andrew Schroeder and Christopher Geick (formerly of They Found Me, They Named Me), the duo set their sights in creating a wonderfully melodic and entertainingly sweet indie pop band.

Pitcairn is their first EP. It contains 5 songs that clock in at less than 3 minutes each but filled with some gorgeous and catchy beats that makes you want to leave it on loop for a long time.

Gathering influences from Paul Simon to Elliot Smith and ultimately Paul McCartney’s Ram record, the duo has created a charming collection of indie rock tracks. Listeners can expect some beautiful tambourines, handclaps, and layers of catchy melody intertwined in each song.

Pitcairn starts with the two-minute single, Know The Sun. Instantly, you get a stirring energy that seems like a dose of warm sunshine greeting your morning. It’s coupled with lovely singing and a catchy beat; making it tough to not move or sway to the song as you listen. It’s a classic indie rock song that’s possibly one of the best in the record. Meanwhile, Ocean Waves and Arial, both keep the tempo up and add a lighthearted feel to the compilation.

The last two songs, Not Mine and Stay All Day, bring in a more surfer indie rock sound to the album. The latter track is the longest one on the album and features heavier guitars coupled with jolly sounding vocals and handclaps.

At the end of it all, Ghastly Menace’s sound is far from ghastly or menacing. In fact, it’s the type of songs you can play while you sleep; when you wake up and pretty much all day if you want to add some good vibes. Really great compilation to check out. Grab the download.

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