Red Hot Chili Peppers

Up Dharma Down: Noisetrade Sampler

Dubbed by BBC as “The Manila band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of North America”, Up Dharma Down (UDD as they are called by their legions of fans) is among the heavyweights of the music industry back in its hometown Philippines. If you are just wondering how big UDD is, just imagine this – they have opened for big time foreign bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Bloc Party, The xx, Tegan and Sara, among many others. This is proof of their ability to draw crowds everywhere they play and the trust given to them by many concert producers to open for bands with much more accomplished resumes.

Everybody Left: Everybody Left

If you miss the good old days of the 90s when you put on the radio and hear 311 or the Red Hot Chili Peppers creating some funky tracks; you'll probably enjoy listening to Everybody Left. Describing their sound as post ska, reluctant reggae and Funk-Hop; the band sure knows how to throw down catchy beats that don't require much thought. This British Columbia group is composed of Stephen Chatterton, Eric "The Red" Wickman, Steve "Shaggy" Fissel, "Ad-Mac" Adam McIntyre, Steve "Saxman" Cowie and Martin Milbo Schoeps.

Flagfall: Basement Demos

There's an inevitable initial frisson after listening to Flagfall's first ever release entitled Basement Demos. This fresh five-piece band from Sydney is composed of Nishan David, Andrew West, Andrew Court, James Kelly and Ross Courtney. Produced and written by the band, their new EP offers six hip-infused hits created in only five days. It's recorded and mixed by James Kelly at IMS and mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301.