Other Noises: S.L.A.S.H

Energize your mornings with Russian band Other Noises‘ latest release titled S.L.A.S.H. The collection features eight tracks of rock tunes that will surely enliven your soul. Welcoming our ears with sharp-edged electric guitar tunes is Slash. Swanky vocals flow seamlessly into the ears, giving the listeners a legit rock experience. While My Little World follows with rapid drum beats that’s perfectly interwoven with hints of bass and falsetto-tinged delivery.

My Strange Grandfather

Though puppet animation is no longer popular in Russia, the 28-year old artist taught herself to make puppets and created this heartwarming stop-motion film. Running over eight minutes, My Strange Grandfather tells the story of a little girl who cant understand his weird grandfather and his eccentric habit of picking up trash, only to discover something magical that will make him appreciate the old man.

The Gift

This sci-fi film set in Russia is one testament that anything belonging to the genre may not just be about a thrilling display of robots and time machines as products of humans and science and technology. The Gift got an excellent direction from Carl E. Rinsch as he first set the mood of the story in a quite silent and menacing way with a man holding the gift, extravagantly wrapped in red and gold, and travelling towards a house where the peak of the action finally begins.