Energize your mornings with Russian band Other Noises‘ latest release titled S.L.A.S.H. The collection features eight tracks of rock tunes that will surely enliven your soul.

Welcoming our ears with sharp-edged electric guitar tunes is Slash. Swanky vocals flow seamlessly into the ears, giving the listeners a legit rock experience. While My Little World follows with rapid drum beats that’s perfectly interwoven with hints of bass and falsetto-tinged delivery.

Firewood, at first, slows things down a notch by utilizing extending electric guitar tunes and periodic drum beats; however, everything build into a cacophony yet beautiful rock-infused chorus.

In Burn Away, Other Noises blows us away with vigorous riffs and grungy vocals that puts everything into the stage. Press play and let solid rock beats shake your listening experience.


Staying true to their genre, Other Noises closes the album with Tell Me Why, a track that celebrates pure hard rock in its entirety.

For those looking for legit hard rock music, S.L.A.S.H is a must-hear with its cranked guitars, power percussion and hard-hitting spirit.

Track List:
1. Slash
2. My Little World
3. When You Cry
4. Firewood
5. Young
6. Too Late
7. Burn Away
8. Tell Me Why

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