She Wants Revenge

Reality Suite: Avoiding the Red Lights

Just when you think you've heard the best, Reality Suite’s Avoiding the Red Lights comes along to remind you that good music doesn’t have any limits. Hailing from New Jersey, Reality Suite is composed of long-time musicians Miriam Pinedo (Vocals), Joe Padula (Guitars), Brian King (Drums/Synths), and Antonio Valenti (Bass/ Vocals). The four-piece super group describes their music as a fusion of classic rock and modern dance. Released last April, their second musical project Avoiding the Red Lights, offers sumptuous alternative rock and party tracks.

The Transisters: Under Control

Solid rock base with an electronic twist. If there's one band I could compare The Transisters with, it would have to be another indie band called She Wants Revenge. Although plenty of Joy Division similarities is also enough to make you think twice. The Transisters crams new wave/hipster sound with electronic beats; creating excessively danceable, catchy tracks that still rock out. Under Control is the band's debut album and features 9 easily likable songs. They have had quite a background and have opened for indie big wigs like the Raveonettes and new wave band Kaiser Chiefs.