Telepathic Teddy Bear

Telepathic Teddy Bear: The Course of Empire

A cacophony of eccentric melodies and stylings, The Course of Empire translates beats and imagery into good music that moves our inner cores. This five-track thematic album by Telepathic Teddy Bear is based off the series of art paintings by Thomas Cole, which played a big part in reflecting popular American sentiments in times when many considered pastoralism as an ideal phase of civilization, fearing that an empire would lead to gluttony and inevitable decay. The song titles in the album are adapted from the titles of Cole’s paintings.

Telepathic Teddy Bear: Reactions

Reactions is one of those records you can put on in a cool house party and leave it playing for a good long time. It's filled with both fun and energetic dance beats as well as quiet electronic pop songs. Telepathic Teddy Bear is actually the pet project of Juan Carlos Padilla; a Mexican singer-songwriter from Monterrey, Nuevo León but currently based in Boston. The artist has been active in the local Monterrey music scene for some time but it wasn't until late 2010 where he finally managed to release his first EP under the moniker. Reactions is his first full length album. It's a wonderful mix of pop, electronica and indiepop meant for casual listening.