The Micah Project

Tara Leia Prescott: Young and Free EP

Armed with an acoustic guitar and captivating vocals, Tara Leia Prescott makes her second appearance here on the blog. Her EP, The Micah Project, was reviewed here some time ago. Young and Free EP contains another set of tracks recorded by the singer/songwriter during 2011. It was released just a couple of months earlier than the Micah Project and bears the same charming acoustic pop cuts that the singer expertly does. With breezy guitar and sometimes piano accompanied cuts, the compilation bears the same carefree and contagious melodies the singer specializes in.

Taryn Leia Prescott: The Micah Pact EP

Simple yet captivating. That's one sentence that would best describe Taryn Leia Precott's sound. Her soulful voice is what captures the listeners attention while her skillful and melodic music creates a beautiful playground for her lyrics. The Micah Pact is a 7-track EP that the artist wrote over a period of years. It's a collection of tracks that expresses the artists' reaction as she grapples"with suffering, both my own and othersí. Divorce, fatherlessness, loneliness, broken families, disease, poverty, untimely death...." The album is an answer of sorts and a way of understanding and coping as well.